Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's in a name?

Names - in my opinion - are a funny thing. We're given a name at birth and (in most circumstances) keep it until we are gone from this world, though sometimes it passes on to another generation.

Being Catholic in America, we have first names, and middle names, and sometimes an additional baptismal name, and later on perhaps a confirmation name (of our choosing finally!)...and of course the obligatory last name we inherit from our parents.

Thus, I pose the question to you parents and parents-to-be: What influences what you have or will name your child?

My husband and I have already struck the deal that he will name all male children, and I will name the females. Currently, I am rather fond of the name Faustina Josephine...but my preferences tend to sway frequently.


Soutenus said...

A very interesting question.
Family tradition and Saints go into the mix for us. There are SO many beautiful names from which to choose.
Our oldest daughter has my first name which was also my mother's first name. The 3 of us all like the name and it is also a Saint's name. My Mom went by the full name and sometimes a shortened version. I go by a standard nickname of it and my daughter goes by her middle name. I like the feeling of linking to our past. Our daughter (19) says she hopes to pass on the name to a daughter. No pressure, mind you -- but that would be cool!
If I were to have another daughter I like: Seraphina or Mary (with the nickname Mia). A son -- definitely a name that included "Michael".
Yep, family names and Saints for us.

~Joseph the Worker said...

I'm leaning towards Thomas More or Thomas Aquinas. The name Thomas goes back with the men in my family at least 4 generations.

Seraphina said...

I have had mixed feelings about my name. I was adopted so my original name was in Korean - however, my parents decided to change it to a more common name (Sarah). This, I have decided was for the best - as not only is it a good Catholic name, but it is a family name as well. Additionally, I grew up in a very small rural town and perhaps I think that my original name would have been very awkward.

I think though, that since my name was changed, that might be a reason I am heavily focused on my children's names (and have been for many years).

Stephanie said...

Having married a Frenchman (and being a francophile myself) we'll probably stick to traditional French names, and saints will certainly play a big part in the names.

I've had my eye on the name Jean-Paul ever since our beloved JPII died. I also love Benoit (Benedict in French). For girls I love Bernadette Marie (we recently visited Lourdes) and Genevieve.

Now we're just waiting for some babies to use those names...*sigh*