Friday, July 11, 2008

What should we do?

Read this blog post and it's subsequent follow up. I have to say that the behavior of this "professor" is extremely disgusting, whether you are an atheist or not. I can't even imagine desecrating something that he owns or something that another religion would hold dear to themselves, even if I totally disagreed with it. It's sick, twisted, and in my humble opinion as an academic he should be fired from his position for bigotry and hate crimes. That being said, what should we do? Burn him? No.

Let's all pray for him and for others involved here that they have a change of heart and allow God into their lives. Ask the Lord to have mercy on him and on us all, because we all need it.


Soutenus said...
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~Joseph the Worker said...

Sorry you deleted that post, I really thought it was thoughtful, but I do want to bring up one thing you said. We should be careful about poking fun of other religions like Hindu and their beliefs about animals. The Catholic Church condemned (yes, that might not be the best word?) the movie "The Love Guru" because of it's insensitivity to Hindu people. I agreed with that and think we should do more to respect everyone in the world!