Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Thoughts...

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First, I'd like to speak a little on Joseph's post on The Second Coming of Christ.
Although Paul expressed his grief over Israel's failure to accept Christian messianism (9, 1-8), he remained unsympathetic toward both Jewish and Gentile unbelievers (2 Thes 1, 8ff). This need not seem startling if Paul in fact considered the parousia or second coming of Christ to be a distinct possibility in his own lifetime. His attitude could thus reflect the urgency of conversion and the imminence of the judgment of the world. See notes on 1 Thessalonians 4, 13-18, and on Mark 13, 1-37.
-Introduction to Romans from The St. Joseph Ed. New American Bible

When I originally read this I was a chord in me was struck so strongly - not about how Paul felt, but rather how we would react with the same urgency. I think after almost 2,000 years we have become rather complacent. After all, do we not act rather frantically to get what they can see in order with unannounced guests, or even planned ones? Christ, who can see all things in all facets of our life, can come any second! The early church would give up everything...could we do the same?

My second comment is in regards to one of Joseph's posts today about a man who desires to desecrate our Holy Eucharist. Whilst talking to Joseph I began thinking back to my rebellious (and confused) days as an agnostic. During this time, I had felt that religion was a development of man to need a coping element for those that have gone before us, and for times where we feel situations are beyond our control - but nothing more than that. However, even though I was naive I was never malicious to religion. In fact, I had more of a "live and let live" perspective - after all, if religion was something that helped people, then more power to them! I just did not desire religion myself... I wonder, why this man desires to be so harmful and malicious though. Agnostics and atheists can argue that religion is the cause of much war and suffering (never mind all the good from religion), but why does it help for them to just add to that?!

Thus, I implore all of you to pray with me:

Lord God, our Heavenly Father,
We pray now in regards to PZ Myers,
that your Holy Spirit may soften his heart,
and he see your true glory in the most Holy Eucharist.
We pray for all aesthetics and agnostics,
that through your beautiful creation
they may reconcile themselves with you and
your most Holy Son Jesus Christ, who died
for all for our Sins to be forgiven.
We pray that all anomosity towards any religion,
any race, any sex, any disability, any aspect
of Man that you have made in your image stop,
and for the world to live in peace as your
heavenly will desires.


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~Joseph the Worker said...

Yeah I think I misunderstood you when talking in person. Your point about us being ready and especially the parallel to guests in our house is outstanding. What could we do to get ourselves ready for Christ? Pray the Liturgy of the Hours? Go to Reconciliation? Participate in all the sacraments as frequent as necessary, proper, and possible? Outstanding post honey.