Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Round 3

This must be just going to be a 3 round "fight". (Just using boxing terminology, I didn't really see it as a fight.) I'm very pleased that at least he isn't trying to debate the theology of the issues anymore and maybe he has a better understanding of the Faith. Let's all pray for him and ourselves. His comments in Red.

Wow, wow. I know the J. witnesses keep changing their Doctrine, but I'd never heard of this one before. When did the catholic Denomination sneak this one in ? Is that ever sly. No kidding.

Read the early Church Fathers. I think you might be surprised how consistent our teaching is now to what it was in the early Church! Thanks for chatting with me though, and may Christ have mercy on us all.

Love in Him,

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Soutenus said...

This guy is in my prayers!
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