Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today in mass, I was meditating on the Trinity during parts of the Eucharistic prayer. The Trinity is something that seems so simple on the surface, but the more you dig into the idea, the harder it seems to comprehend. During today's meditation, like so many times before, I came to a point that it felt like I just hit a brick wall that kept me from going any deeper into what I was thinking. Sometimes, it felt like touching the bottom of a swimming get to the bottom and briefly touch it, but immediately begin to be pulled back up to the top just to get fresh air.


Soutenus said...

I think I know that feeling. My philosophy when these flashes happen is, "Be appreciative that you touched a deeper understanding, if even for a moment!!"

I believe that our human brains can only comprehend so much and then we hit some brick walls. Thank God for faith.

ps) I tagged you for a meme. It should post sometime tomorrow. :-)

~Joseph the Worker said...

I'm glad to hear more people experience this than me. It's such an interesting topic. Thanks for the tag!