Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I think sometimes one of the things we need to work on the most is humility. We go into talking with others about our faith with very good intentions, but we tend to want to push them into what we believe without understanding where they are coming from. We also tend to beat up on ourselves if our goals are not accomplished. We need to step back and realize that the Holy Spirit will be the one doing a lot of the work we are trying to do, he just uses us as instruments. When we begin to insert our own opinions or work from our own inherent intelligence or knowledge, we are bound to fail. Don't fall into that trap, put your trust in God and His Church and everything will work out for the best.


St. Gregory said...

I agree, humility is so very important. I used to try to "convince" people of the truth through arguing and using proof texts. However, I learned this is not the way of the Holy Spirit, who convicted me of the importance to live a more holy life myself. By focusing on changing my own ways, I learned to rely more on the Holy Spirit for guidance, who now gives me peace and patience. I can better recognize when doors are open and people's minds are receptive to discuss matters of faith. If they are not predisposed, then generally discussions will only lead to arguments.

Thank you Joseph for the reminder!

~Joseph the Worker said...

Very good thought Gregory :)