Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Week of Lent - Thursday

Last Year:

Sometimes we struggle with anger. This anger might be justly or unjustly brought on, but we need to remember in the end to forgive and love the person who has made us angry. We shouldn't forget that we make others angry sometimes as well, and that by all human standards God should be more angry than anyone about the way we act. Let's learn to live together and love each other better.

Just another topic for me to reflect on how my anger has developed over the last year.  Again, I think I can say that the sacraments have brough me great accomplishments in this realm.


mel said...

Kind of an interesting day around here. I went to Adoration.

Comment here if you'd like, not on my blog about this. All in the right timing....

God bless you and yours.

~Joseph the Worker said...

How was adoration? Quite moving the first time to me....I think you can feel the presence deep in your spirit stirring you.

mel said...

It was so peaceful.
I've been before, but it's been quite a while. The first time I went was almost two years ago....and wow! Lots of things stirring lately. God is definitely at work.