Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Last year:

Last night was the first Stations of the Cross of this Lenten Season. Seraphina and I spent a lot of time talking last night about different things. I think it is good to reflect on which station makes you sad. Seraphina felt that the three times Jesus falls were the sad ones. I felt like the stripping was the sad one. I always think it is so terrible the way we treated him on Earth, and the stripping is about as low as I can see anyone going. 

So, what stations of the cross make you sad? What Bible verse(s) make you sad? Angry? Happy? I think it's important to reflect on how the Bible moves us to prayer, fasting, charity and how these emotions move us to do certain things.

This year obviously I am more familiar with Stations of the Cross.  I still feel basically the same about the stripping of the garments.  That still kind of tears me up - thinking about Christ allowing himself and his shame to be openly exposed - but not because he had to but because he wanted to for us.  

We used meditations from St. Alphonsus for last Friday.  I highly recommend checking them out if possible.

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