Monday, March 2, 2009

First Week of Lent - Monday

Last year:

Tonight we started a Bible study in Matthew. Just wanted to point out a few really neat things. First, notice that Matthew's gospel will point to so many similarities among the Old Testament. Notice that Joseph receives his messages in dreams, and is told to take his family into egypt to protect them (just like Joseph in Genesis). Behold the massacre of the infants (like Exodus). See how Jesus has to come out of Egypt (like Moses in Exodus). Notice how John the Baptist parallels Elijah. See how his relationship with Herod and Herodias is much like Elijah with Ahab and Jezebel? Even the gospel readings I gave you from yesterday link the temptation of Christ to Adam and Eve's temptation in the Garden. 

Simply Beautiful how the writer of Matthew relates all of Christ's early years to the Old Testament for the Jewish Population!

This post has to be overshadowed by a big change that is going on in our life.  So, instead of reflecting on what I wrote last year, I'd like to mention that my wife and I are most likely going to be changing parishes within the next week or so.  Please pray for us to find a parish that will uplift our lives as a family, be good for our children, and one that we can contribute our own gifts to.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Joseph. Good luck on keeping your fast. I was going to try to abstain from meat on Fridays, but I've already failed. I just completely forgot and ordered pepperoni pizza :) Nevertheless, I'm not Catholic, so no loss, ha ha. I think I just need to stick to the personal reflection, abstaining from sin thing. That's enough to do as it is.

Anyway, congratulations on your baby!