Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Week of Lent - Tuesday

Last year:

Creator of my Life, 
renew me: bring me to new life in you. 
Touch me and make me feel whole again. 
Help me to see your love 
in the passion, death and resurrection of your son. 
Help me to observe Lent 
in a way that allows me to celebrate that love. 
Prepare me for these weeks of Lent 
as I feel both deep sorrow for my sins 
and your undying love for me.

Unfortunately, I don't remember where this came from.  This was a deep subject for me last year because I thought of "celebrating that love" as taking my first Eucharist.  This year, that line is more to me a looking forward to celebrating the ressurection of our savior at Easter.  Through this period of time, I can examine myself and try to fix problems and sin in my life, preparing myself for my own bodily resurrection at the end of time.  Lent is like my lifetime - darkness before the dawn when I first meet Christ in Heaven - the real Easter feast that will last forever.


Kimberly said...

Congrats on your baby! What a blessing and gift from God!! All of you are in my prayers that God keeps you in the palm of His hand. You now have the joy of teaching your child in the ways of the Lord. You will have so much fun helping your child discover the beauty of life and of our Lord.

GOd bless you and your wife for being open to life!!

Blessed be GOd forever!


~Joseph the Worker said...

Thanks Kimberly!