Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McCaniacs succeed in at least one thing

Well, it's time to put the election behind us. Let's pray and hope that Obama leads our country in the right direction. The apocalypse didn't happen yet.

I thought I would share this interesting tidbit from the exit polling data. Among Catholics, the breakdown was as follows:

19% of all voters were White Catholics.
12% of all voters were Catholics who attend weekly or more.
14% of all voters were Catholics who attend less often than once a week.
McCain won 52%-47% over Obama with White Catholics
McCain won 50%-49% over Obama with Catholics who attend weekly or more
Obama won 58-40% over Catholics who attend less often.

Also wanted to pass along something Renee said in the comments below:
"The USCCB urge us to write to our State politicians opposing FOCA as soon as possible."

So, get to writing folks.


God Fanboy said...

Thing is Obama is for abortion on demand. No Catholic who considers herself or himself truly Catholic should have voted for him

Greg said...

I agree god fanboy. And no Joseph, the apocalypse hasn't happened yet, but with the following issues looming on the horizon, how long will God stand for this?

Obama Presidency Could Reshape Courts

Catholic Conference of WV: Alert