Sunday, November 16, 2008

Administrator Martin

When I went to South Carolina to visit Mass, I thought it was very interesting that they were without a Bishop, so in the Eucharistic prayer they mentioned "Administrator Martin".  Well, it just so happens that he now has to respond to a rogue priest denying communion to Obama voters.  Sorry McCainiacs, but that's just not what the Church has taught.  Thankfully Administrator Martin has stood up against this type of abuse, but I think this whole situation also ties in with some of our pre-election conversations.

From Fox News (via my friend Stephanie):

""Father Newman's statements do not adequately reflect the Catholic Church's teachings. Any comments or statements to the contrary are repudiated," said Msgr. Martin Laughlin, administrator of the Charleston Diocese, which is currently without a bishop. 

Catholic dioceses in the U.S. have issued various rulings on whether Catholics who support abortion can receive communion. 

"The Church hasn't said as a body what this individual priest has said, namely that anybody who has voted for Barack Obama shouldn't go to communion," said Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and FOX News contributor."


Greg said...

Was just chatting with a friend about this over the weekend. While I'm not an "Obamaholic," I do disagree with what this priest did. I would think that even "McCainiacs" would also see the flaw in the priest's reasoning.

I will say, however, that I agree with the Church's strong teaching that Catholic politicians who support abortion should not receive the Eucharist. Based on this teaching, what should we do with the priests and theologians who support Obama and Biden? Wouldn't that be indirectly supporting abortion?

What a mess.

Rene'e said...

Read the Fathers own words inregards to the Bulletin and the Media.

~Joseph the Worker said...

The problem is still obvious there though. First of all, simply voting for Obama does not put you outside of communion with the Church - unless you voted for him specifically on the abortion issue.

His arguments that there is a "plausible" pro-life candidate are ludicrous. I could make the same argument and say everyone should have voted for Chuck Baldwin, who was the only candidate I found who did not support intrinsic evil in some sense.

Unfortunately, some have taken the Church's teaching to an extreme and have tried to judge the conscience of others.

Rene'e said...

This is a great read.

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