Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Seen those billboards around your neighborhood with the Blessed Virgin on them, a link to, and the quote "This is my time"? Being curious about this, and knowing it had something to do with the unauthenticated and non Church-approved apparitions at Medjugorje, I checked out the web site. Looks like they are trying to push people to personally investigate the apparitions and also running tours to the area. I know little about this personally, and I expect I will be waiting till the Church makes an official declaration on it before I make up my mind, but does anyone else know more about this group specifically? It is interesting that they are putting up billboards all over the country. Is it legitimate belief or a money-making scheme? Could the billboards bring people closer to Christ, the sacraments and the Church or could they be misleading and cause people to shy away? Interesting, to say the least.


JoeE said...

This could possibly cause a schism in the Church. I'll just make this point: One of the seers, apparently wears five diamond rings, has a custom made top of the line BMW, is married to an American beauty queen and has demonstrably lied about issues to do with Medjugorji. Could this be someone who has visions of the mother of Christ?

The peasant village where the visions were initially seen has turned into one of the, if not the, richest areas of Bosnia.. Make up your own mind. What do you suspect?

~Joseph the Worker said...

It's very interesting, and I have to say I honestly don't know. I've heard the same things before, and they do arouse a lot of suspicion. I truly hope the Church makes a statement about it one way or the other soon.

cheryl said...

I agree with Joe. One of my biggest fears is that this will cause a schism in the Church. I just hope that if the Church declares it inauthentic, advocates of Medjugorji, will heed the voice of the Church and I pray especially that there are no spiritual side-effect for anyone eg, loss of faith, disloyalty toward the Church ect.

While this is the first I've heard of this group, I will say that this whole thing, has a gone too far. And like you, I truly hope the Church decides one way or the other soon. If the apparition is authentic, it needs to be reigned in, away from the political and commercial pollution in Medjugori. If it isn't, then it needs to be stopped, before it severes some of the Church's fingers and toes (ie, those invested in the apparitions).

All we can do is pray.