Thursday, April 15, 2010

Access to the Blessed Sacrament

One thing that bothers me recently is that I have noticed many churches locking their doors during non-mass hours (even the Cathedral in the diocese we live in, but not the diocese we worship in, only unlocks the doors during mass times). That bothers me because people don't have access to the Blessed Sacrament - to be able to sit and pray in the Church. Why they do this, I am not sure. Perhaps they think people are going to steal things or it isn't safe if they can't lock it up. Whatever it is, I would really like parishes to find ways to leave things open for prayer more often. Luckily, one parish in the city we live in right next to my work allows constant access to the Church for private devotion and prayer. I wonder if anyone else has thoughts or experiences with this, or could explain the issue to me a little more?

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Joseph Bolin said...

I've known a very churches that have done this after a case or cases of vandalism.