Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watch Out

Watch out! I believe we Catholics are getting ready for some of the political fights of our life over the next few years. If you have not seen what has been going on in Connecticut, basically the politicians sought laws that would undermine the structure of the Catholic Church. These efforts failed after the Church fought back vehemently by protesting and writing to legislatures telling them they could not set up how the Church makes decisions and is run. Now, the state bureacracy is trying to penalize them for mobilizing the masses to stop that legislation. Read this story. We should remember that Catholics have always been oppressed in this country, from the denial of freedom of religion in the early colonies to voting laws that oppressed us to today's viewpoint that everyone has free speech except us. Just look at how the media tries to pounce on every negative thing that happens within the Church and avoids as much positive talk as possible. We should strengthen ourselves as Catholics for the upcoming fight over things ranging from abortion to freedom of our religion. And, don't expect too much from other Christians as this type of discrimination continues.

In a somewhat unrelated development in Connecticut, I must applaud the Church there for standing up for life by asking the Governor to reconsider vetoing the end of the death penalty there.

Luckily, the Catholic Church has been attacked over and over for the last 2000 years and this is one of the weakest attacks. We persevere througout the ages and will continue to be strong over the years. The Holy Spirit and God will help us overcome it all.

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