Monday, June 15, 2009

Prayer after Communion

During this Octave of Corpus Christi (The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ), I wanted to share some words from Father Andrew's homily yesterday. He noted that we should make sure and take time to pray after Holy Communion knowing that we are as close to Christ as we will ever be when we take the Eucharist. He also reminded us to stop in front of Catholic Churches to say a prayer and remember that Christ always dwells in a real way in the tabernacle of every Church in the world. As he said, knowing that God really dwells in the tabernacle, we should be crawling into Church on our hands and knees.

I wanted to share with everyone a prayer that I do after I receive Holy Communion every day. I think it's absolutely beautiful, especially when you consider that we have become united with Christ in a real way when we receive him the the Holy Eucharist:

Dear Lord,
help me to remove from my mind every thought
or opinion which You would not sanction,
every feeling form my heart which You would not approve.
Grant that I may spend the hours of the day
gladly working with You according to Your will.
Help me just for today and be with me in it.
In the long hours of work,
that I may not grow weary or slack in serving You.
In conversations,
that they may not be to me occasions of uncharitableness.
In the day's worries and disappointments,
that I may be patient with myself and with those around me.
In moments of fatigue and illness,
that I may be mindful of others rather than of myself.
In temptations, that I may be generous and loyal,
so that when the day is over I may lay it at Your feet,
with its successes which are all Yours,
and its failures which are all my own,
and feel that life is real and peaceful,
and blessed when spent with You as the Guest of my soul.


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