Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Outpouring of Goodness

I meant to blog about this a month ago when it actually happened and I guess it slipped my mind. As you know, our country has been going through a recession of sorts. At the same time that doesn't mean that the poor and handicapped don't still need our help. Last month as a Knight of Columbus, I participated in a "tootsie roll drive" (where you hand out tootsie rolls to people who donate money to mentally handicapped children) outside of a local grocery store. I was amazed to see the outpouring of gifts from people and somewhat surprised to see that it was the poorest people who were willing to give the most. We got about 200 dollars for the mentally handicapped in the two hour shift I was there. Pretty good I thought!


mel said...

Even in a recession, I think people still want to help others.

Thanks for your Catechism references on my blog. That just opened up the door for my (prot) readers to see something coming alongside Scripture as a reference! Well done.

SQUELLY said...

This is so lovely to hear! Thank you! sometimes you just need to be reminded about the real goodness in people. Thank you!