Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pittsburgh Cathedral

Last Saturday, my husband and I visited the Cathedral in Pittsburgh, PA. It was very interesting that there was a wedding being performed, as well as confession! Three sacraments all under one roof (Eucharist during the wedding, remember)!

I was really encouraged that they allowed people to go to confession during a wedding though. Especially during this time of year, when weddings are rampant (we literally saw at least 5 weddings in Pittsburgh going on in one day!) it's nice that there's still ample access to the sacrament of reconciliation.

I really liked this photo, and turned it into a desktop wallpaper (1200 x 800). Next time I'll make sure that the Tabernacle is in focus instead of the candles. (There are a few more photos of the Cathedral on my blog.)


~Joseph the Worker said...

It's a very beautiful place....I need a higher resolution desktop for myself.

mel said...

This is beautiful! I appreciate the sacred space this provides for worship -- much better than a gym or a "worship center," don't you think?
Love that we can enter into the presence of God in a sanctuary!

SQUELLY said...


Seraphina said...

I agree Mel, that the idea of a sanctuary adds to the atmosphere of reverence! I used to think that the architecture was superfluous, but now I can understand that it helps our human minds to draw closer to God via the atmosphere around us. It adds a tangible aspect that normally we might be ignorant of.