Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Affair Continues

It looks like the Vatican newspaper is continuing its love affair with the Obama administration. Interesting to say the least, and perhaps a little concerning.


The Catholic Journeyman said...

"a little concerning..."

One of the aspects of having a devoutly Orthodox Catholic identity, in the age of Pope Benedict XVI, that I loathe, is maintaining restraint from expressing cynicism about how publically contradictory his political interactions are from his Faith, Doctrine and Morality body of work.

I am lifting my restraint for this combox.

Ex. 1 - While I can appreciate that all of us evolve (hopefully) in our Faith foundations and practice, how does the heaviest hand in the Authorship of the Catechism, now possessing the power of Peter, remain silent on ND's and Jenkins violation of Rome's fundamental Moral teaching? I have seen his pattern of excessive time and information digestion before reaching discipline conclusions (SSPX for instance) but I would hope for a much firmer public representation of Rome's authority over clear violation on a number of counts.

(CJ puts restraint vest back on)

Your take, Joseph?

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Dont get me wrong, I really want to back him, but he's making my job defending his power and responsibility way harder than it needs to be.

~Joseph the Worker said...

I guess I would say that I am not surprised he has not said more about Obama - after all he is not Catholic, but I am surprised he has not said more about Notre Dame and Fr. Jenkins.