Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing in Our Faith With Children

My wife and I have bought several books over the last couple years (even before we found out she was pregnant) if we thought they were good first reads for our child or good books to read to our child when he is little. Lately we've been very interested in some of these Catholic family activity books. Many of them range from about 2 years old to teenage years. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of book? Any recommendations? I think it's important to start early and set up a spiritual gameplan for the entire family so that it becomes a staple in daily life - whether that be Scripture reading or family prayer or whatever it might be. I'm not sure how many of my readers have children but if you do I'd appreciate any feedback you might have!


mel said...

Pray together.
Read together.
Laugh together.
Eat meals together.
You see the trend?
We're not big on "children's church".
It's weird to us to see a family leave the sanctuary after a baptism to go take the baby to the nursery or childcare room. We also like having the whole family up front for a new child's baptism; it's a family thing.
Let them hear you say how much you love your spouse. Let them hear you say you're sorry or that you don't know it all. Basically, talk with them like people.

Enjoy the new ventures in parenting! I had to deal some college issues with our oldest the past couple of weeks that has aged me more, but it's worth it to set that relationship with them and the Lord from day one. I think y'all will do a great job!

The Red Disciple said...

I haven't found any specific books, but in our house we make it a point everyday to read a story our of the children's bible to our daughter and pray with her before bed.

Also, I have been slowly teaching her simple prayers that she can say herself. My daughter is also responsible for saying grace before meals. She is 5 years old.....a ways off for you and your wife, but it is something you might keep in mind for the future. I too share your desire to integrate prayer and God into my child's life. I started later (just a few months ago) and I am already suprised at how well she has picked up.

The Catholic Journeyman said...

While I could say a ton more than this, heres my experience.

Using a pictorially heavy Childrens bible, have 5 or 10 minute daily devotion & prayer. If there is specific behaviors to address, I use bible parables (Like the Slave pay vs. fairness definition)to tie behavior into Jesus' practice. Until they can begin a prayer life on their own this is our priority outside of Church involvement.

Mine are now 11 and 8 and we keep them involved in the Church (altar serve, play in the music ministry, youth event participation).

Other than that we let them be kids most of the time.