Sunday, August 24, 2008


So, over the last couple of days (Friday night and Saturday), we held a young adults retreat here at our parish. What an event. It was so wonderful and drew us so close with each other and more importantly with God, that I just thought I would share the schedule of events, in this order:

Friday's Daily Mass
Opening Prayer
Knights of Columbus/Catholic Daughters provided Dinner and talked about service activities
Lectio Divina
Praying the Rosary
Cooking Breakfast with Each Other
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour
A short talk on service and discussion of our service activities in the past
Cooking Lunch for the Homeless
Catholic Jeopardy
Journaling about Our Experiences over the Weekend
Each member of the retreat prayed over each other individual who attended
Our Priest laid his hands on us and prayed over us and blessed us.
We ended with the Vigil Mass.

What an experience!


Rev said...

Was the turnout good?
A truly fulfilling and awesome weekend.
Sounds like the theme was about service. Excellent.

~Joseph the Worker said...

Yeah it was great. We had about 15 people who participated, which really was pretty good since we didn't do much advertising and kept it only in our parish rather than the other parishes in the city as well. It was kind of a practice so we can plan a bigger one for the Spring.