Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abandoned Baby Might be Put to Death

Did that headline shock you? I saw this on CNN and thought that's what I was reading. As a sad commentary on society, I said to myself "I should have expected they would start doing this to babies after they came out of the womb sooner or later." Luckily, it was a whale and not a human being.


Kimberly said...

The sad thing is that people will work hard to protest this whate calf being put down when there are so many, many babies being aborted each day without most people even given it a second thought.

I loved that God has given us so many, many beautiful creatures in this world. However, save the babies and the rest (saving the babies whales, endangered species, etc.) will fall into place.

Is it only me or does it seem people get so involved in animal rights that they forget about the little babies who are aborted each day and their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Blessed be God forever!

have a wonderful day!!



~Joseph the Worker said...

Yes, too many times people seem to be on one side or the other (care about animals and not abortion or vice-versa.) I wish people would learn to love and respect all of God's creation as well. Thanks for the comments Kimberly!

Commissioner said...

I don't think they forget about the babies. People look upon the unborn as non human, nothings. They just don't care.

Rev said...

That commissioner post was from me. I was using my hockey name.

~Joseph the Worker said...

"Sub-human" is usually the way I think they look at it. Not exactly human but not exactly not.