Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello All! I am Joseph the Worker's wife, and have been invited contribute to his blog.

My background is a little different as I was raised Roman Catholic, became agnostic during my rebellious teenage years, was reignited in the Church of Christ, and finally came back to the beautiful Universal Church.

I wanted to say something about the title photograph used as the header. That is the photo of the ceiling above the altar in the Wheeling-Charleston Cathedral. I (as well as Joseph) used it as our desktop background for quite some time. I wanted to offer anyone who reads this blog the same chance, so I uploaded it. Download Here

You will notice the name of God in Hebrew (YHWH) in the center in Gold surrounded my multiple Seraphs. I never realized how complex YHWH was until I read this. I'm not saying that that is the most reliable source, but I think sometimes we tend to glaze over things - acknowledging what they mean but not really digging deeper. I feel this has been a major flaw in my spiritual life, and I hope that, using this blog as a tool, I will curb that tendancy of mine.


JP said...

Well, welcome aboard your hubby's blog. I have taken a similiar path as you. Raised Catholic, moved to the Churches of Christ, then moved to atheism and finally Home to the Catholic Church.

Cheryl said...

My husband did a lesson in which he referred to YHWH - and mentioned he tried pronouncing it without the vowels, which produced a kind of breath sound - like the breath of life.

It was an interesting observation.

Nifty link!

Soutenus said...

Thanks for the download of the absolutely lovely graphic. I am catching up on past posts here at your blog. I am so glad you guys are sharing your thoughts, your knowledge and experiences here in cyberspace!! It has been enlightening and inspirational.