Friday, June 27, 2008

Feast Days

I think it is absolutely wonderful when we can actually celebrate a feast in honor of a Feast Day of one of the saints. Especially our patron saints, or someone who means something special to you. This is best done right after a mass celebrating that saint when possible. Here's my suggestion of how to celebrate your patron saint:

1) Gather around the table with close family or friends (only people who are going to be able to participate with you)
2) Begin with a prayer of thanksgiving for the food you are about to eat.
3) Start feasting.
4) Go around the table, keeping conversation on topics such as "Why is this Saint special to me"?
5) Read any kind of Bible verses about the Saint or a hagiography
6) Pray a prayer to God asking for and thanking him for the intercession of this saint.
7) Pray to the saint, asking for his/her intercession, specifically regarding something that has to do with their life. For instance, Joseph is my patron saint, so I ask his prayers that I might live up to his example of a Father and a Husband.

Has anyone else done anything special on their patron saint day or another Saint day?


SWP said...

I don't really give my Goddaughters presents on their birthday or Christmas (they get far too many from Grandma), but on the Feast of their patron saint at Baptism, they can expect a little gift. I also have tried to keep up sending a letter to my Confirmandi sponsorees on their patron days.

I have a running litany of saints that I include in my Rosary, patrons of friends who are close to me in prayer.

~Joseph the Worker said...

A very good idea, I think. Getting them thinking about why that day is special.

mel said...

even as a protestant, i was introduced to someone who i now think of in a very special way -- my own saint? not sure, but i have been doing some reading on him -- st. francis xavier -- as my heart has always been for world missions, most especially japan and the rest of east asia. so how do i explain this to other prot friends, how FX chose me? i know to them i'm using RC language, and it's frightning to most. thanks for visiting my family's blog. typically my blogs are about family events and pictures, but lately it's been much deeper than my typical readership can appreciate. God bless.

~Joseph the Worker said...

That's wonderful Mel. I wish I had that kind of opportunity when I was Protestant. Thanks for your blog, by the way, it is well thought. I hope I didn't come off as rude, I just wanted to clarify some of our position. God bless you as well!