Thursday, June 19, 2008

Newsweek Article

I think this news article summarizes what I think is so wrong with our culture and our media today. Here's an entire article dedicated to the problem of teenage girls becoming pregnant and why they might want to do that. Of course, the article has some "solutions" to offer - give the girls birth control pills, contraceptives (dare I say abortion?). There are two major flaws in this argumentation and gaps in this article:

1) These solutions do not address the problem at all. Does handing out contraceptives correct the problem of underage sexual activity? Does it help us understand or help a 16 year old girl who sleeps with a homeless man to get pregnant?

2) The girls in this article are said to have gotten pregnant on purpose. Turning this into a debate on the Catholic belief in contraceptives and abortion is absolutely ridiculous, as this specific case is outside those realms anyway.

Thanks God that some people in this town seem to not be carried away with the nonsense and actually might want to address the deeper underlying issue rather than writing off the problem with birth control pills and condoms.

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