Monday, June 9, 2008


Hello everyone. I began my journey to becoming Roman Catholic in December of 2007. Actually, even though I say that, I actually know that little "indicators" have pushed me towards the fullness of the Catholic Faith my entire life. In one of my next few blog entries I hope to analyze these little steps that God uses to lead us down a certain path. I feel that is one of the reasons that true discernment is so crucial to our spiritual lives. As for my background, I came from the Church of Christ Protestant Denomination (at first institutional, and later "anti" or non-institutional). I'll probably refer to this background at length in the future. I plan to use this blog as the "spirit moves me" to post random events from my life or experiences within the Catholic Church. I will also move my yearly "Blogging through Lent" experiences to here, where I write a reflection every day during the Lenten season. I hope it will be a rewarding and growing experience for myself and everyone I know.


Teófilo de Jesús said...

It's a miracle! You started your journey to the Church six months from now!



~Joseph the Worker said...

I don't know what you are talking about? ;) ;) ;)

mel said...

Have you written your journey down from when you think it first started? Fascinating how fast things moved in your life (how fast God moved). What were the reactions of your family/friends?

~Joseph the Worker said...

Sure thing! Go here for the PDF (I've added and edited a few things since then but have not had time to thresh it all out). It's extremely long (150 pages), so good luck if you choose to read it!