Monday, February 1, 2010

"Safe Sex"

Recently I have found a lot of news articles "beating a dead horse." For a simple example, let's take the Stimulus program our government has implemented several times in the last few years under both Presidents Bush and Obama. We poured money into our banking system and to pave roads, and guess what, the economy still stinks. So, the news and the government has decided, we "might need another stimulus package". Sounds like insanity (doing the same thing over and over again with the same results).

Likewise, I read a recent article about an increase in teenage pregnancies. Of course, we in the United States have been increasing "Sex education" and birth control (handing out condoms or making "the pill" more accessible to teenage girls), not to mention abortion. The solution? Hand out more birth control and teach more "sex education", even to younger ages.

I've also had conversations with Catholics and Orthodox recently about their problems in marriage, how immoral tactics such as these (and others) are the correct way to proceed in their marriage to keep it from failing.

Then, I stumbled upon an article on Catholic Online that sums up a lot of my opinion. Come on people, let's move towards more modesty and purity, less immorality to solve our problems in society. It's a function of our society moving more and more towards self-indulgence and satisfaction and another time where people are failing to remember the ideas of self-sacrifice and the value of suffering.


Anonymous said...
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Soutenus said...

An excellent post. Spot on!
One of my first thoughts while reading your post was of Queen Oprah's interview with Bristol Palin.
I DON'T watch Oprah but the story made the usual rounds with the usual opinions attached (ranging from "Let's all hail Oprah" to my opinion of "How horrible of Oprah to feel that way - and share it, no less!!")
I clicked on over the the article (good one) and found this quote:

"Just last week, Oprah Winfrey cynically challenged Bristol Palin's resolve to remain abstinent until marriage. “I'm just wondering if that is a realistic goal,” Oprah asked. Rather than applaud Bristol's mature and smart decision, Oprah was condescending and left little doubt that she doesn't think Bristol can succeed. “I was going to give you a chance to retract,” Oprah said, “but if you want to hold to that, may the powers be with you.” Whatever happened to empowering young women to make their own decisions for their futures? Whatever happened to confidence, to living your “best life”? Apparently, Oprah thinks it's just not possible for anyone to say no to sex."

Good paragraph.
The whole article is worth saving and sharing. Thanks for doing so!
I might just do the same over @ A Catholic Notebook.