Monday, February 22, 2010

Divorce Rates

Thought I would share this interesting post about divorce rates among religious groups. Note that practicing Catholics are all the way on the bottom. I'm proud of us! Thanks to Marcus for passing it on.


Displaced Alabama Catholic said...

That's all fine and good, except that 99% of Catholics in America fall into the category of "Non-Active" which has the highest divorce rate. Sitting in a Church pew doesn't make you a real Christian any more than sitting in MacDonalds makes you a hamburger. Catholics on the whole do NOT know the Bible and have nothing but excuses for why they won't read it or learn it. They don't share their faith (mostly because faith really isn't alive in their hearts) and they see their identity as "Catholic" as being a member of a tribe one is born into, not a way of life.

It is the lackadaisical attitude to faith by Catholics that is the catalyst for so much divorce in America-- if they had even TRIED to live their faith the world would be a different place indeed.

Anonymous said...

that is so true.
but how do we make them interested again?