Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brief Thoughts on Confession

I went to confession again today (I try to go as regularly as possible, and as the Church suggests, we should at least try to go once a month even if we are confessing venial sins.) It amazes me that no matter how many times you go and no matter how many times you confess things (even the same things!) and even if the priest knows who you are, you always hear the words "I absolve you from your sins". How beautiful those words are, to hear them spoken - to actually hear Christ speaking to you through the priest and forgiving you of your wrongdoing. Each and every time.

I think I should end with the quote from John's letter "If we say we have no sin we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us". Go to confession if you haven't in a while!


mel said...

I'm currently reading Scott Hahn's book on confession. Good stuff - and good reminders, thanks.

God Fanboy said...

Wow Joseph, i love this post!

Anonymous said...

"I absolve you from your sins".
I cried just thinking about hearing a priest say that to me. It's been 20 years since my last confession, it scares me to pieces.