Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Imitation is the best compliment

Check out this anti-Catholic propaganda - especially the name of the website:


I got a good kick out of that.


mel said...

Funny. What the heck is a blogpot?
There's some really strange stuff out there. Glad I'm not an indy fundy. I'd rather be over the river and through the woods with y'all. We'll see.

So excited about Sunday!! I'm hoping pics will be posted.

(Random word verification is 'sewer' - ??

mel said...

FYI - My younger boys love the DVD, "Francis Xavier and the Samurai's Lost Treasure" - It has a book that goes with it, published by Creative Communications Center. They have several saint videos to choose from, and this one's our fave. Train up a child....

~Joseph the Worker said...

Sewer is where that site belongs.

I'm definitely going to be posting a couple pictures!!!!! I think they are also going to be in some Diocesan stuff about St. Hubert's.

I wondered about that DVD, I've seen it a few times! I think I saw somewhere that it can be purchased with a matching book...Also we are buying the parish a Saint Francis Xavier Icon for Xavier's baptism as a gift.

God Fanboy said...

i'm scared to look :p