Thursday, September 3, 2009

The crazy feminist agenda.

Being that I am a techie new mother, I read a lot of parenting blogs. I found it to be of particular note that when this story of Michelle Duggar expecting her 19th baby, the interesting backlash in the comments of individuals who felt it was necessary for her to be limited in how many children she could have (for whatever reason). Here are some examples:
really pop? congratulations to the growing family? i think it's criminal having this many children w/ global population where it is ~ who thinks these kids are going to have access to their parents with 19 of them? plus really... this is the only fulfilling thing this woman can do w/ her life? to just keep reproducing? how about nurturing the ones you have already?!?

I still say this woman is addicted to being pregnant and the attention it gets her and the breastfeeding. I just can't imagine living in a family where the only path in life you're expected to take as a female is to constantly screw and pop out babies.

And there goes the planet earth... there's absolutely no need to give birth to this many kids.

I was really pleased to see them later run this article (Does a Woman's Right to Choose Apply to Michelle Duggar?) which opens a valid point to a lot of liberal feminists.

I really don't understand why feminists work against themselves. They say that their bodies are their own, to do what they want, and yet, when women do this, but not in light of their agenda, they get mad and throw stones.

Back when I was pregnant, I had to deal with a woman who attacked me joking about having a large family even. Here's an excerpt from my original post.
Related, but not directly, is a true story that occurred last (last) Thursday. I was doing a photo shoot with a ten year old girl and her parents. The girl, who was curious about my pregnancy, proceeded to ask me genuine questions such as "When are you going to have the baby?" and "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?". She then asked (innocently enough) "How many children do you want to have?". I responded with "Oh, I don't know. Maybe two or three...who knows, maybe eight?" with the "maybe eight" bit in a quite joking tone of voice. Her mother then gave me quite the discriminating glare and responded with "Have you not considered the world's population?".

I don't think all the peculiar glares in the world could have infuriated me any more. To begin with, this is a person who doesn't know me from a stranger down the street (perhaps that's why it was so easy to be such a rude individual to me?). Additionally, what kind of point is she trying to make? That we should regulate how many children people are allowed to have like the Republic of China? Force abortions on individuals for the "good of the nation"? To top it all off, what kind of example is she setting for her daughter?
By the way, don't even get me started on the sustainability issue of having a lot of children...if the United States didn't consume to the point of gluttony, it would fix our problems. Population control isn't the answer - it's living a more reasonable life that doesn't consist of disposable, instantaneous, culture.


Agnieszka said...

Great post ! Thank you very much.

(I often read your blog, but had never commented yet).

cheryl said...

Wow, 19!!!!

You know what this means though?...she can't quit now...she's too close to a nice round 20! Oh, Lord, please let her make it to twenty. Now that would be something to be very proud of!

One of the most interesting parts about the show is the comparison constantly made between the Duggar family and an average American one in regards to resources used. Per person, the Duggars usually win out. So it's like you said, the Duggars are not the issue where the earth's resources are concerned. If every family bought, saved, made and reused like the Duggars, we'd all be in better shape. In fact, I think we could do even better--ah, but there's my Amish-wanna be side coming out again! lol.

And it's like I said awhile back (although I don't know if you read my blog), even if this is her last child-that's 19 children that will grow up to influence society with the conservative ideas their parents instilled them in. These couples who only want two or three kids are not thinking long-term. They can pop off today, in twenty years when their children and the Duggar children are all grown, it's the Duggar children that could potentially influence everything from domestic affairs, to social and political ones.

In regards to,
"I still say this woman is addicted to being pregnant and the attention it gets her and the breastfeeding. I just can't imagine living in a family where the only path in life you're expected to take as a female is to constantly screw and pop out babies."

---I think Michelle will have the last say. It's true that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. As a mother, Michelle is performing one of the most far-reaching jobs there is. A woman might decide to have only one child, because her career as a lawyer (for example) is very demanding. the child then grows up and becomes a doctor. Great. We have one lawyer and one doctor. But to have 19....that is 19 doctors or 19 lawyers ect.

I really do wonder too, if this is why others seems so vehement about it. Maybe they're afraid. Maybe somewhere deep down inside they know all about the "numbers" and know that as far as their ideology is concerned, they are on the loosing end. Their ideologies which they obviously believe strongly is being threatened in a very real way...and no matter how much they believe in it, it will ultimately prove it's own undoing. In practice, it's unsustainable.

Seraphina said...

Thanks a lot for the comments!

Agnieszka - thanks for reading our blog!

Cheryl - I agree, the Duggar's are having environmentally conscience and well rounded kids. Why is having so many of them so negative? I really don't understand it - it's not as if they are unable to care for their children, and I think as well adjusted as they seem to be, obviously their parents are able to take plenty of time with them.

Also, I think my husband's follow up post is very poignant in that Motherhood is a very blessed thing, and perhaps women are shortsighted in thinking that careers are more important?