Thursday, September 3, 2009

Continuing my wife's thoughts

Laurence posted over at That the Bones You have Crushed May Thrill a post that I thought went with the thoughts about feminism and children that were started by my wife in the last post. He is talking about opposition to Church teaching on contraception by Tony Blair's wife.

I especially enjoyed this paragraph:

"Cherie. Take as an example of 'progress' the Blessed Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. After all, like all 'devout' Catholics you pray to her at Mass every Sunday. If Motherhood was good enough for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who accepted graciously the honour of being the Mother of God, when asked by the Archangel Gabriel, then why is the vocation to Motherhood now being presented by you, as something that undermines a woman's career. Believe me, lady, if the Blessed Virgin had responded to the question posed by the Archangel Gabriel by saying, "Oh blast. This has come at a really bad time! You see, I really had my heart set on being a lawyer and earning a fat pile of cash out of litigation and surrounding myself with houses and the odd yacht. Could you come back in 10 years time after I've done my law training? I am the handmaid of the Lord but the Lord will understand my personal ambitions, won't he?"...then you would not have been given the great Grace of being a Catholic, and neither would I."


cheryl said...

Aren't they new converts?

~Joseph the Worker said...

He has been Catholic for two and a half years. I believe she grew up Catholic.

cheryl said...

That's strange that a newly converted catholic would agree to use birth control. As a person who is unmarried, and thus unable to have children, my body shivers.