Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Did I leave?

Wow....some people are a little stubborn (and I think some of you stubborn people are reading this blog right now). My wife recently joked in her blog that she was depressed as being simply a housewife in the "Church of Christ" denomination; especially because of their ill treatment and well-documented disdain for women and their role in society. So she gets and email saying (I read your blog and I am concerned you only left the CoC because of that and blah blah blah (insert random and poorly worded apologetics here).

I must say, I don't question the intentions of the person who contacted her, but I do question the reasoning. I think we must have mentioned a million times the doctrinal and serious reasons why we left to a multitude of people, but yet they refuse to listen and actually hear why we left. It basically comes down to either 1) we were lazy, 2) We were mad at people, 3) we listened to someone's family, or 4) we had some sort of dark sin in our life that made us leave. I guess it is a defense mechanism.

Open your ears people!

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mel said...

Trackin' with all the blah blah blah that people give....what's wrong with people....? What happened to respect and space?

I'm listening to Matt Maher tonight..."You Know Who I Am"....what is it called? The Act of Contrition? Beautifully sung here....he also sings, "Lord, You know who I am. Lord, please take my hand and lead me into community. You know who I am. Lord, help me to stand, falling in love with Your family." Amen.