Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love my Pastor

Just a brief post, because I am thinking about it right now. I absolutely love our Priest, Father Andrew. He is brutally honest, sometime he says things that are kind of strange to most listeners, I believe, but that is part of his European background. However, I truly wish that everyone I talk to could hear his homilies every week, especially those I talk to who are not Catholic. He brings out such beautiful and wonderful points from the readings each week, and he is very honest about the Church, it's infallible teachings, and our relationship with the Protestant Church. I'm so thankful we found him.


mel said...

Is there a website? CDs? podcasts? blackmarket recordings? Would love to hear what he has to say. Thanks.

~Joseph the Worker said...

You can read his "words from your pastor" in the bulletin for this week..but that's about all he has online. I should start taping them somehow and putting them online.

mel said...

Great, thanks!