Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Script NOT to Follow

My friend commented that many fundamentalists try to begin discussing the Catholic religion using a "script" of sorts.  If any of you read this and work to convert Catholics, try to avoid using the following script, it just doesn't work unless you are talking to someone who doesn't know anything or really practice their faith:

"Oh but I'm different, I'm actually respectful so you can't refuse to discuss with me! [Insert Jack Chick related jab here], oh haha, that's not an insult that's just a joke to lighten things up, so you can't be mad at me. If you are mad then YOU are being unfair/you're afraid of the truth/you can't defend your beliefs/[insert bogus claim here]."

I'm happy that I have found so many wonderful non-Catholics through this blog to dialogue with and respect.  Thanks guys and I hope to hear more of you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the Internet drama. Sorry I haven't commented on your blog in a while. I am going to post another question up on the board about the pope soon, but I think I'll wait for the storm to subside first :-)

God Fanboy said...

Happy belated Easter Joseph!

mel said...

It's ridiculous comments that make all of us sound just as silly. What's with the narrow minded? Christ's Body is BIG.

Thanks for your honest, open place to blog.

I'll be writing soon about the women's ministry I work with -- truly an international touch with the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the military communities. God bless you and yours.

haithabu said...

Are there actually people like that around?

cheryl said...

Are there actually people like that around?Yeah, but most of them are good-hearted, it's just what they've "programmed" themselves to do. And it comes from all sides, Protestant, Catholic--it doesn't matter; every group has their own "script". God help the person who gets it from both sides lol.