Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Generations of Faith

Our new parish is so awesome.  I just can't get over how great some of the things we do are.  Last Sunday we had our monthly "Generations of Faith" meeting.  Here, we have joint meetings of everyone in RCIA, Children's Religious Education, and all the adult laity who want to further learn about the Church and her teachings.  Then, we can divide up into our prospective groups and learn.  I was impressed that over 100 adult laypersons (in a small parish) showed up to learn from Father about the Eucharist and the Real Presence of Christ last Sunday.  I was also impressed that he taught us in great detail about Church teaching on the Eucharist and the rubrics of the mass including common liturgical mistakes and abuses that take place in Catholic Churches.    I have to say that the amount of interest and dedication of the laypersons and our priest were astounding and very uplifting to us.  The inter-generational approach to teaching about the Church is also a good approach, and trying to do this in more parishes might help the Catholic Church overcome its problem of poorly catechizing adults that has become frequent over the last couple decades.  We heard that our Bishop is about to write  aletter recommending that all parishes start inter-generational catechetical classes like ours.  

Preparing for Holy Week, my wife and I have been trying to say a lot more prayers.  Father also called for a night of preparation tonight to refresh all laity who are going to be altar serving, lectoring, or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion during Holy Week.  After all, we must make sure this Holy Week is as correct as we possibly can.  

Later this week on Good Friday we will start praying the Novena to Divine Mercy as a parish.  I will be posting the daily prayers of that Novena on here as time permits....maybe I will just do the whole thing on Thursday with some notes about St. Faustina and her wonderful writings.

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Good suggestion, I'll have to take that one to the DRE here.