Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Triduum

Today is the last day of Lent, and tomorrow starts the Easter Triduum (a very short liturgical season indeed!).

Joseph and I have taken off the rest of the week in order to participate fully in the events being sponsored by our Parish. If possible, I would suggest you try to attend as many of your Parish's events as possible.

I think sometimes due to commercialism of Christmas we forget how crucial this season is for us as Catholics. Truly, Easter is the highest holiday of the Catholic Church, and we should spend as much time in prayer and reflection as possible.

On a side note, Joseph and I were discussing last Sunday's Mass - Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is my favorite mass of the entire liturgical season, because of the reading of the Passion. I feel the congregations involvement with the reading help to solidify (at least in my mind) how Christ died for our sins and how we as sinners are entirely responsible for his death on the cross.

Additionally to this, I think it is easy for us to be astonished about how quickly public opinion turned on Christ - from his riding in to cries from the people hailing him as the Son of David, to only a few days later to them crying for his crucifixion. The involvement of the congregation in the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday helps me come to terms with how quickly we are to be swayed by others in worldly desires and motives.

Let us take the next few days to reflect on our lives and to pray to Christ in thanksgiving for the forgiveness of our sins.

(P.S. This post describes what Joseph and I will be doing the next few days.)

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The Red Disciple said...

I'm glad that you are able to take time off to fully celebrate this wondrous celebration of the season.

What you said about public opinion and how easily we can be swayed is right on. Like you, after the reading of the passion on Palm Sunday, found myself questioning if I would have participated in the scouring and persecution of Jesus had I been alive during that time. I like to think that I wouldn't. I'm grateful that I live in the times where we have the New Testament. Those poor souls didn't realize what they were witnessing.