Friday, February 6, 2009

Salvation only in Christ

I've noticed a lot of blogs have been posting and commenting on an image that states that salvation is in Christ alone.  I just had a couple thoughts to blurt out about this idea.  In many ways, it reminds me of the discussions I've had here and elsewhere about salvation being in the Catholic Church alone - which makes since since the Church is the Body of Christ.  

Again we have to put into perspective exactly what this might mean though.  Does that mean that only those who are publicly practicing and self-acknowledged "Catholics" can get to Heaven?  Absolutely not.  First, because the sacraments are how we draw closer to Christ.  Many can draw closer through the sacraments in other Churches - notably the Orthodox Church, but also in Protestant Churches they have access to two.  

But, on top of that since we have a merciful and loving God, we cannot exclude, and we can actually hope that those outside of the Christian Faith altogether might have access to Christ in some mysterious way that we might not fully understand.  The native in the jungle who has never been evangelized, for instance, might have his own connection with the one true God which allows him access to the grace of Christ and perhaps Salvation.  

So, yes, I believe Salvation is only in Christ, but I also think it's a complicated issue that probably requires more thought and explanation than we sometimes put into it.

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mel said...

That's fair.

I think the premise is that it's not the name of Buddha or Muhammed that saves. They didn't atone for the sins of the world on the Cross. The Lord Jesus Christ (God the Son) did.

I think I'm seeing the difference between my Reformed, evangelical faith and the RC represented here. Again, thank you for the forum to comment, and as you said, I comment without anger.

Maybe it really is just semantics. Or maybe there is that much of a difference in meaning.

What I tend to see as sanctification, you have come to understand and believe as justification. Bottom line is, that's all process. The end result is glorification -- an eternity in Heaven because we call on the Name of the same Savior, even Jesus.

Hope you and yours are doing well and basking in His grace today!