Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

As promised, I'm going to reflect my thoughts from last Lent and see how they have developed since last year.  Here were my last year Ash Wednesday thoughts:

Today is a wonderful day, Ash Wednesday. I hope everyone will pray for my wife and I during this season of Lent. Lent is such a wonderful time to be able to reflect on the year and to find something in your life that you can do to become closer with God for these 40 days (and of course hopefully for the rest of your life). As we approach Easter and start thinking about Christ's death and glorious ressurection, let's all take time to figure out how we can be closer to God and pray for one another.

Seraphina and I just got back from Ash Wednesday services.  Today's responsorial Psalm was from Psalm 51. I wanted to share it because I found it very emotional and think it's wonderful:

Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned. 

Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness,
in your compassion, blot out my offense.
O was me more and more from my guilt and sorrow,
and cleanse me from all of my sin.

Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

My offenses, truly I know them,
and my sins are always before me;
Against you alone have I sinned, O Lord,
what is evil in your sight I have done.

Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
put your steadfast spirit in my soul.
Cast me not away from your presence, O Lord,
and take not your spirit from me. 

Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

Give back to me the joy of your salvation,
let your willing spirit bear me up
and I shall teach your way to the ones who have wandered,
and bring them all home to your side.

Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

I hope it uplifts you as well!

Not to get into too many specifics, but last year during Lent I was really struggling with a personal issue in my life.  I used that time to really help myself work out that problem and move on with my life in a healthy way.  Lent gave me the opportunity to sacrifice that thing that was holding me back from my relationship with God and a better relationship with my family.  This year I hope to do the same thing with some other issues.  I always felt that was a better way to approach Lent than simply giving up sweets or something like that.  I can look back on last year and really see how much the Lenten season helped my spiritual life and look forward to seeing it do the same this year.  Also, during Lent was when I was introduced and began praying the Liturgy of the Hours.  I plan to rededicate myself to praying those prayers this season and help kick start my prayer life again.  I have not been to mass yet, not until later this evening, but I am looking forward to receiving the ashes and starting this lenten journey.

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