Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenten Blog Plans

Happy Mardi Gras everyone.  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and as such I want to continue what I did last year by blogging every day during Lent.  I thought this year would be an awesome time to reflect on all my posts last year during lent.  After all, last year I was in RCIA awaiting the sacraments, and now I have been partaking of them for a year.  So, each day I will post what I wrote about last year in my Lenten diary and how I feel or think my journey has led me over the last year.

The one limitation I will have is that sometimes I do not always have access to the internet.  Therefore, some days I might have to post several days worth of Lenten blogging at once, but I do plan to get through all forty reflections I had last year.  


mel said...

Congrats on you first full RC year!
I look forward to hearing your devotional thoughts. I blogged a little bit today, but it's mostly about Mardi Gras food. I hope tomorrow night's blog will be deeper as I experience an RC/interfaith Ashes Service. Pray for us.

Maggie said...

Wow, your Catholic Birthday is coming up!! How exciting!!!