Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent

In today's office of readings, the first reading is from the Book of Isaiah the Prophet.  It is a very good prophecy of the coming of our Lord, perfect for the Advent season.  The second reading is from St. Hippolytus (one of his treatises against the heretics).  He emphasizes the importance of reading the scriptures for all of us - something that I think most of us could work on to improve.  That's another reason that I love the Liturgy of the Hours so much, I get to read several Psalms and scriptures each day, and it isn't just me picking and choosing what to read and when.  

In other news, a major issue that I've been praying hard about has been answered in a wonderful way by God!  


mel said...

Great post. I have a plan to read through and inductively study the Psalms starting in January -- very excited about this time in God's Word. Thanks for your thoughts.

Merry Christmas to your family.

Greg said...

Thanks Joseph, this is a wondeful post! With all the distractions in life, my family finds it difficult to find time to read scriptures daily. The lectionary does indeed make this easier, and keeps us united with the Church.

Hopefully you will be able to share your answered prayer with us at some point. Perhaps it is personal though. Either way, praise God!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! And happy birthday Jesus!!!

~Joseph the Worker said...

Mel, that sounds very interesting. Don't forget to sit back and just take them in sometimes too and listen to what God has to say without digging too deeply. Both methods of study have their merits at certain points. I can't wait to hear what you learn from yours.

Greg, tell your family I said Merry Christmas.