Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worrisome Political Stuff

Ok. I hate to talk about politics. I believe as a Catholic that you can vote according to your own conscience with reference to what the Catholic Bishops have requested you to consider. While an anti-abortion position might be the most important thing in the world, I can't judge how someone else chooses to balance or not balance their positions. The Catholic Church has not endorsed a political candidate nor should it. That leads me to the following article on Catholic Online.

Apparently, Dr. Cafardi has felt it necessary to resign from his post at Franciscan U. because he supports Obama. People are heralding this as a decision that he had to make, and somehow trying to paint him as an unfaithful Catholic or a terrible professor. The following quote, for instance and from the link above, bothers me to no end:

The departure of Nicholas Cafardi removes the immediacy of dealing with the inherent contradiction of having on the Institutional Board of Franciscan University a man who has taken such a controversial position.

I'm sorry but you can't dictate your politics to every other Catholic on the face of the planet nor make his choice for President a "controversial position". I'm both Republican and Pro-Life, but on some angle he may be correct - the Republican Party is trying to hold conservatives hostage with the "pro-life" position while conducting a war, supporting the death penalty, neglecting the poor, harming the environment, etc. There is a balance out there, and while I will most likely end up voting for John McCain come November, this man has a right to his opinion and he may very well be correct and we should wake up and smell the coffee - even if just to put pressure on them to make the correct choices. McCain hasn't been out there vehemently defending the unborn either, as far as I have seen.

Hopefully the article is correct that no pressure was put on this professor to resign. If so, the Church had better be very careful about any money they might be sending to Franciscan University.


Rene'e said...

No matter how bad things seem to be, we cannot vote for Obama.
I have struggled with this also.

Rene'e said...

Here is another video. The Catholic Vote.

It is great.

Skyhawk said...

If so, the Church had better be very careful about any money they might be sending to Franciscan University.

Does the Church give money to "Catholic" universities? That's a good question and I definitely would love to know if that's the case, as I didn't think they did anymore.

If they do then it doesn't surprise me as 90% of "Catholic" colleges in this country are a disgrace and teach open heresy and dissent, as well as a dissolute lifestyle. So I wouldn't expect so called "conservatice" colleges to be free of their own abuses and sins.

I agree that this doesn't make it ok and is a disgrace and on top of that it undoes any work we have done in promoting fairness in politics, which we Christians usually don't get from the liberal side.

~Joseph the Worker said...

Hi Skyhawk,

That's an interesting question and I don't know the answer and couldn't find it - that's why I put "might" but it certainly is something that concerns me. I know we send money for scholarships to Catholic U from our Parish, but not sure who funds Franciscan or how. I'm just praying that the situation isn't as bad as it looks to be and that maybe he just decided totally on his own volition to step down....