Friday, October 24, 2008

Fueling the Fire

On Jimmy Akin's Blog, he had a nice post that falls in line with most of your thinking my friends (subtle joke about McCain here). What caught my attention, however was a nice comment (first one) by a fellow named Diogenes. I've selected a few juicy tidbits but highly recommend going over to read the whole debate.

"Indeed, the pro-life ploy is perfectly demonic: in holding out the illusionary possibility of destroying an evil an even greater evil is fed. But what can be more evil than killing babies? It is that which is the cause of this killing and myriad other evils. Indeed, as atrocious as abortion is, it is nonetheless a symptom. Our nation is not vicious because it allows abortion, rather it allows abortion because the nation is vicious.


The urgent case in point shows an example of this culture of death. One would think U.S. pro-lifers would care about the Iraqi unborn just as much as they care about other unborn babies. A baby in-utero is neither Christian nor Moslem, neither American nor Iraqi. In Iraq how many unborn have died along with the millions of civilians that have been killed or maimed by the USA’s destruction of infrastructure, aerial bombing, and depleted uranium bombs. These depleted uranium bombs also have the added "military" advantage of causing spontaneous abortions and birth defects. However, I’ve yet to hear one single denouncement of this from the "traditional Catholic" pulpits I frequent, and only extremely rarely from the "Christian pro-lifers" I encounter. Indeed, the pro-life movement’s new found darling, Mrs. Palin, is silent on the Iraqi special needs children debilitated by our special bombs. Of course, Bomb-Bomb-Iran McCain couldn't care less. He is the same fellow who bombed innocent civilians in North Vietnam when we decided to shift from risking our own soldier’s lives and concentrate our military efforts on terrorist blanket bombing of North Vietnam population centers. Anyone that supports a candidate that gleefully looks forward to the bombing of innocent civilians (born or unborn, Christian or Moslem) in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the devil knows where, is not pro-life, and surely not a good Christian!"


Anonymous said...

I fully support your position of abstaining to vote ... at least for McCain or Obama. I don't know who I'm voting for, but I have like the EXACT same problem you described in your last post. I want to vote for Obama, but I'm scared to because I feel I would be condoning abortion, even though it doesn't matter practically speaking. And McCain ... yeah, I became less of his fan when I learned more about him after he got the nomination.

Rene'e said...

Obama vs McCain.

BTW My parish offers Mass intentions for the end of war, all wars each day. It displays a banner outside which say's " pray for peace". It is also very Pro-life parish. It has a sign outside giving a phone number for those who struggle with a crisis pregnancy and need help.

~Joseph the Worker said...

What your parish does is wonderful Rene. Ours does a lot of work with pregnant women in need as well.

And thanks for the feedback Matt.

Rene'e said...

The mere fact that Obama, Planned Parenthood, and Pro-Choice supporters tell me that not only do I have to accept that it is legal to kill babies, but that will I have to support the act of killing babies with the money I earn from working for a Catholic Church forces me to become a "One Issue" voter.

It makes me furious and sick to my stomach.

George Bush did more then set the bar low. He did away with the bar altogether. I can not believe the choices we have in candidates this year. Unfortunately, I think our candidates are only going to get worse from this point on. Unless, by some miracle we have moral people who are actually qualified decide to run for office.

Sorry, for the rant I just had to get that off my chest. It does not make me feel any better though.

~Joseph the Worker said...

Sad thing is that moral people can't win :(