Friday, October 17, 2008

Elections...One last time

I'm hoping this is my last political post of the year. I listened to McCain and Obama speak at the Catholic non-profit tonight. I must say that even though I am still adamently against both of these candidates, I can't imagine where these personalities have been over the last year. I honestly thought it was the best speech for both candidate that I have heard, even though it was a little over the top in humor.

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The Catholic Journeyman said...

I read this days ago knowing you are maintaining your non-vote stance from last week and let it sink in for a bit.

Joseph, dude, you need to vote, whether its a perceived forgone conclusion or not...futile or of 2 evils or not.

I am 99.999% with your feeling on both candidates, truly, we are in sync...except for the voting part.

I sincerely believe the intentional "act" of voting your in accordance with your developed Catholic Conscience, in any best case or worst case scenario, is deserving of merit.

Look at last Sundays reading from Mt 22:21 = "Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar
and to God what belongs to God."

In context, when amplified, He is telling us to perform our Citizenship obligations, period. Then perform our Holy Obligations, period. Nothing less.

There, I said it...maybe this should have been a blog post for me. Oh well, maybe I will post it with expansion.

Peace to you Joe!