Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blessed Virgin Mary

How fitting that the first Saint this book focuses on is our spiritual Mother, Mary. 

Everyday, the chapter ends with seven small scripture readings and devotional prayers (one for each day).  I started writing them on a white board on our refrigerator, and I find that in doing even such simple things like this allow me to more frequently reflect and pray.  I find that it is making me more patient as well.

Mary, the Mother of God, often strikes me as almost unrelatable.  After all, how am I, even supposed to fathom being close to being anything like Our Blessed Mother?  However. that kind of thinking is a bit of a hurdle one should pass, as while we will never be on par with Mary, to emulate her perfection and holiness is part of striving towards Heaven and a Chirst-filled home. 

I made the comment earlier, that I find that writing the reflections in a place I come across quite frequently (after all, a 1.5 and 3.5 year old are constantly starving, no matter how often or how much you feed them) make me more mindful of spiritual things.  Now, when times before I would be frustrated or stressed, I find I say Hail Mary's or I'll read the reflection and it will remind me of how petty what I am upset about truly is in comparison. 

This week, has been one of perspective.    

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