Sunday, December 13, 2009

Grey Areas

Fr. Andrew spoke in his homily this morning about grey areas and the Church. Sometimes when we think about what constitutes a sin or how to live our lives, or what is a mortal sin, we see grey areas. We wonder "how far can I go with this without it being sin?" Fr. Andrew correctly pointed out in his homily this morning that God - through his Word, but even more so through the Church has been specific as to what is right and wrong - so if we are talking about sexual issues (contraception, homosexuality, sex before marriage, etc.), life issues (abortion, euthanasia, etc.), or even the 10 commandments, the Church clearly defines right and wrong. Grey areas are things that we manufacture, many times in order to avoid responsibility for doing right when it seems burdensome or the cross seems too heavy.

I thought it was a very good homily. Now if only we could figure out one spelling for grey (gray) in English...

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God Fanboy said...

Somebody once told me to think about a sin you may have committed but you keep telling yourself "maybe it's not that big of a deal". Now would you share that sin with your own mother? Or is it too embaresing? Now if you can't tell your own mother how can you face God with that sin. It's gotta be wrong.