Monday, December 14, 2009

Continuing the Absurd

Recently, my wife was taking photographs for a journal of a child who lives down the street from us. She was still pregnant at the time, and the girl asked her how many children she would like to have. Jokingly, she said "oh, about seven or eight". Her mother jumped into the conversation to say "Don't you care about the world's population?"

This attitude has been developing for some time in our world. The fight against the unborn is following the same trend, as contraception and abortion are not being seen as a way to control climate change and make the world "a better place". We have probably all heard of the monstrous abuses conducted in China in the name of population control, but as Catholic online reports, it seems to be spreading. It's time for us as Catholics to stand up to this kind of nonsense.

Sometimes Catholics will say that they don't need to hear about abortion because it isn't applicable to their lives, so it should be kept out of homilies. They ignore the fact that all of us, even if we aren't having abortions personally, have a responsibility to use our money, time, writing,prayer, and other resources to fight against abortion, contraception, and population control.


God Fanboy said...

OH MAN! It's funny, i posted an article a few days ago about a journalist goin on about this issue. Now i see your article and it's makin me nuts that so many people are so disturbed by population. This is the "Environmentalists", other agenda, goin on about too many people on the earth.
Wish people would pipe down and realize that man will find a way to cater to the growing population as we all progress in time.

SQUELLY said...

WELL SAID!!! I am so sick of hearing people moaning about overpopulation in such a self righteous way - complaining about self righteous Catholics.