Thursday, July 23, 2009

Expression of Religion - New York Part 2

Well since I still don't have all the pictures that I want on this computer to start really talking about neat things, I wanted to share my happiness at seeing so many people openly expressing their religion. On the streets of New York we saw nuns, priests, MANY orthodox Jews, Orthodox priests, and Muslim spiritual leaders. It was really cool to see so many expressing their religion openly and getting to meet a lot of open Catholics. I also got a chance to go to St. Patrick's Cathedral for Sunday mass (and receive communion from the celebrant, Archbishop Dolan!), I invaded a Filipino Catholic Chapel right before they locked it up, saw the Church of the Precious Blood (where people were praying in Vietnamese, which was really moving to me because it really expressed the Catholicity of the Catholic sure to check out photos under the link), and went to another small Church where mass was being celebrated and another priest standing in the back got to ask my wife about our baby!

Also, we blew a lot of money in the Gift Shop for St. Patricks! Such awesome stuff and it also fed my addiction to Holy Cards. Hopefully pictures to come soon!


The Catholic Journeyman said...

Look how ecumenical you are as a young Catholic. Is that grace or was it a conscious effort to train a positive auto response to this stimuli?

I'm interested to hear that inside story.


~Joseph the Worker said...

that's a great question...and the answer is.....Yes, it took me a little while. But, as I have said before and as I heard articulated much better today, once you accept that the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, and you accept their infallibility, everything else falls in line.