Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis

Hello all - long time since my last post.  Just wanted to say that along with much of the world I am praying for our new Holy Father Pope Francis.  So far his homilies have been very impressive to me.  If you have not seen it, take a look at the full text around his inaugural mass homily.

Been a while since I have blogged - have really settled into the Catholic life with my family but hope to be in touch from time to time.  

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Soutenus said...

I look forward to your posts!

I have found that keeping up with steady writing in my blog is just too much most days (months).
I keep my blog as a personal notebook much like I used to cut out articles and paste them into notebooks (pre-Internet days!).

I do love that some of us share our great finds, our thoughts, and our prayers here on our blogs.

I have missed ya'll (as we say in Texas). Whether you post frequently or seldom, you remain in my prayers as a fellow Catholic brother and sister in Christ.

Peggy (aka: Soutenus) from CatholicNotebook.blogspot.com