Thursday, June 24, 2010


So sorry that its been a while since my last post. We moved to a new city when I got a new job and I've just been swamped. Everyone in ny family is doing great down here. I wanted to share two devotions I've been doing since the move. First, riding the bus to work allows me now to do my morning and evening prayer consistently every day from the Liturgy of the Hours. I even started using IBreviary on my Android phone. Second, in the mornings when I get up, my wife got me "Mornings with Fulton Sheen" where I can read a meditation from his life, a scripture from Proverbs, and meditate for a few minutes on how it impacts my life. God continues to bless us!

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cheryl said...

Glad to have you back! I wanted so much to take out the garbage(spam)for you while you were gone. It was driving me crazy!!! I wish I could pray more during my busy schedule, but I get too distracted. That's wonderful that you are able to though. I'm happy to hear everything is going well and that your family has adjusted to the move with flying colors! Hugs for everyone!

Soutenus said...

SO glad I stopped by -- many changes for you! How wonderful that you have taken the opportunity to add the time and place for prayer and meditation in your daily routine . . . even as all else changes around you! :-)

I hope you are settling in and getting the lay of the land!

Our summer brings us a new life! Our first grandbaby is due in less than a month.
Will you include prayers for a safe and healthy delivery for Mama and baby?

~Joseph the Worker said...

Prayers of course